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Welcome to the World of Stella Jones

I am a wife, mom, plastic surgeon and author.

Some time ago I suffered a major professional blow and was diagnosed with MS.My imagination and writing became my lifeline and refuge. Stella Jones and ‘A Human Story’ are the fruit of all of that suffering.

I have had many triumphs and joy in my life.  But those lulls??? Those valleys??? The crushing blows to our egos that send us into hiding and despair???? That’s where this book and the entity known as ‘Stella Jones’ really saved me.

There have been SO many things and experiences in my adult life that I had no road map to navigate, and writing became an outlet for me to wrangle with those ideas and come to terms with my own prejudices and preconceived notions of right, wrong, just and possible.

There have been many things in my personal and professional life that I have NEVER been able to mark as rational or believable, and so I explored those things in my writing and it soothed those anxieties and made life more understandable and acceptable.

How did Stella Jones come to be?

Out of much pain, growth and forced evolution spawned a desire, maybe even a necessity, for me to create this vast parallel universe and express myself through written word.

Welcome Stella Jones, who has helped me nurse wounds, be silly, conquer fears and divulge things about myself and those around me, that I wasn’t even aware of until the stories were done and the secrets out for all of the world to see.

Everyone has a voice that speaks to them, mine just happens to be Stella Jones.

This entity/ghost/She grabbed my hand and stayed with me through the fire, and beyond.
The last decade has been filled with wonder, triumph, failure, pain, loss and the greatest loves of my life…and she’s been here for every moment of it.

She was spawned out of pain, but has brought so much joy and humor to my world.
I absolutely adore her and you will too.

What is my ultimate goal in life through everything that you see and that I do in my everyday life?

How I always hoped it could be.
We feed our souls by what we do for others.
My hope is that this platform will serve a purpose that helps others on their journey.

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Most Requested Topics:

  • Why I Write
  • How I created this paranormal world
  • What’s in a name?-Why Stella Jones??
  • The most important thing to remember-Be authentic.  Stay true to your passion. ALWAYS follow your dreams.
  • My personal methods of REINVENTION after personal/professional catastrophe

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