Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D., FACS
CEO and Founder

What is Chicks With MDs?

Chicks with MDs is a professional think tank that focuses on the continued care, education and empowerment of patients  AND physicians. It is my sincere belief that physician and overall healthcare provider education is the key to achieving this goal in the care of patients. This is why I focus nearly half of my professional time and attention on re-educating and updating physicians on topics that directly impact their practices, healthcare organizations, institutions, and individual entities have entrusted me and my expertise to equip physicians and healthcare providers nationwide to show up authentically – for themselves and their patients.

My service offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • forum-or community-style settings
  • lecture or breakout-style presentation
  • single or multi-session lectures
  • Keynotes and grand-rounds


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