I am Dr. Lisa Whitty Bradley.

I am a mother, wife, physician, author, entrepreneur, citizen and constant dream chaser.

LWBMD comprises all of my passions: medicine, community engagement, advocacy for patients, physicians, and the medical community at large. Over time, this virtual space has grown to house so many other pursuits of interest that I have developed over time like fiction writing under my pseudonym, Stella Jones (amazon.com), blog posts for high-achieving women who wear many hats while providing a platform to explore ideas at whim.

This site, Loop Plastic Surgery, Chicks With MDs and the entity known as Stella Jones, are for those of us who like to dip their finger in the batter and take a taste of what the world has to offer when you take a chance on your dreams.

So, connect with me, join my private community made for women-professionals, or invite me into your space.

I hope you enjoy and explore!


CEO & Founder
Chicks with MDs, LLC


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Chicks With MDs

Chicks With MDs

A professional think tank to ensure the continued care, education and empowerment of patients.

Loop Plastic Surgery

Loop Plastic Surgery

A professional business founded by Dr. Lisa Whitty that is dedicated to producing quality works surrounding plastic surgery.

Stella Jones

Meet the author and order the Amazon best selling paranormal romance novel.