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From the time of my childhood through adulthood, I have always participated in nurture mixed with creation. From family run birthday parties, backyard barbecues, street parties, overnight and day camp, work study meetings during high school to now brain trust meetings with Docs-In-Evolution, patients, tech creators and community organizers. One thing’s for sure, utilizing nurture and creature comforts has led to fruitful results.

Work-lunch meetings used to be filled with so much monotony. Until I realized just how much nurture-centered leadership impacts the workplace culture. Picking up a quick breakfast, drinks, or snacks for staff so that our energy can be maintained and replenished, not only nourishes the body but also makes folks feel safe, needed and honored that they are actively cared for. It builds trust and people want to work harder for themselves and others and as a result, you have more productivity, less burnout, and better outcomes, for patients, for their teammates, for leadership (you!) and most importantly – for themselves.

So I began thinking, “what if physicians and other high-achieving women had a space like my childhood?” A space to be nurtured, cared for, comforted. A place where their uniqueness and authenticity were welcomed,  a space in and outside of the hospital walls to make an impact and support to allow them to become self-actualized beings?

Now, here we are – Break Bread & Build. 

I believe in being authentically you – doing what you love unapologetically and finding opportunities (or building your own) that marries responsibility, culture, community, and passion. Break Bread and Build is a collective – a community of skillful, multi-gifted, high-achieving leaders who find themselves building up foundations in many spaces.

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