Other folks are smarter, more connected and ‘better on paper’.
But you will be hard pressed to find someone who can get fixated on a goal the way I can. And even better, you will be hard pressed to find someone who responds so far in the positive to someone telling them ‘no’. That word is an accelerant for me.
My high school physics teacher told me, I would ‘always be average and just get by’, and I have been proving his punk a** wrong, ever since. (What up, Mr. DePalma?? Go kick rocks. That Stone in your pinky ring was excessively flawed. Please continue to kick rocks, you bastard 😎)…but I digress.
I watched an awesome FB live this week by @TahKole about how you direct the outcomes in your life with the energy and direction you apply to each and every action you take.
Be intentional.
Be deliberate in creating a pathway to your dreams; they are awaiting your direction and input.
There will always be a cacophony of ‘No’ and ‘You Can’t’, don’t be one of those condemning voices.
Pursue your dreams with a vengeance. What do you have to lose vs All that you have to gain?
Breathe life in to your dreams.
I, for one, want to see what you’ve got.
Cheers 🥂
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