Skin Cancer is THE MOST COMMON CANCER in the U.S.A.





3.5 Million Cases of Non-Melanoma (Basal Cell and Squamous Cell) Skin Cancer…..

73,000 New Cases of Melanoma…..

10,000 Melanoma Related Deaths…..


May is MELANOMA AWARENESS MONTH and It’s Our Job to Make Sure You and Your Loved Ones Are Well Taken Care of While You Enjoy the Sun and All of The Activities of Summer and Spring.


MELANOMA Makes Up 1-5% of All Skin Cancer Cases, Yet Accounts for the MAJORITY OF SKIN CANCER DEATHS




People Under 45 Years of Age Account for 25% of Melanoma Diagnoses



The Great News…

For Melanoma Detected EARLY….Localized….The 5 Year Survival is 98%!!!!!!!

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American Cancer Society and the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention have designated the Friday before Memorial Day as DON’T FRY DAY…/infographic…/skin-cancer-prevention…


1 in 5 Americans Will Be Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

86 percent of Melanomas and 90 percent of non melanoma skin cancers are Associated with UV (Ultraviolet) Exposure….Sun rays



Who Can Be Diagnosed With Skin Cancer?

ANYONE with SKIN!!!!


Who is at Risk for Being Diagnosed with Skin Cancer??


Although ALL Races and Genders are at Risk, there are some who have a Greater Risk of Developing Skin Cancer, and Melanoma in Particular….


Risk Factors for Skin Cancer:

1. Previous History of Skin Cancer
2. Chronic Sun Exposure
3. Skin Color……Highest Risk…Pale Skin…Blonde Hair…Red Hair….Light Eyes
4. Tanning Beds
5. Personal History of Abnormal Mole(s)
6. Family History of Melanoma in One or More First Degree Relatives (parent/sibling)
7. Immunosuppression….Weak Immune System….Transplant Recipient…..
8. Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP)…Alters Skin’s Ability to Repair UV Damage


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Can People of Color (African American, Asians, Africans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Middle Eastern Descent) Be Diagnosed with Melanoma???



Is There a Difference in the Mortality (Survival Rate) and Stage at Diagnosis for People of Color???




Overall Survival Rate…..


African American77%


WHY is the Survival Rate Lower For African Americans???


Delay in Diagnosis….Therefore the Cancer is at an Advanced (Likely Spread to Lymph Nodes or Other Organs) Stage and More Difficult to Treat and Cure


Spread to Lymph Nodes at Initial Diagnosis…..

African American………..52%




Your Chance of Survival Goes Down Drastically if the Melanoma Spreads to Your Lymph Nodes!!!!!



Common Locations of Melanoma in Persons of Color….

1. Palms of Hands
2. Soles of Feet
3. Nails
4. Mouth


MELANOMA6                    MELANOMA7                MELANOMA18




What Are the Different Types of Skin Cancer?

1. Basal Cell Carcinoma
2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
3. Melanoma
4. Merkel Cell Carcinoma


What is the Difference Between Skin Cancer and Melanoma?

They Are Both Skin Cancer!!!!!


Melanoma is a Type of Skin Cancer That Arises From Melanocytes, Found in the Top Skin Layer (Epidermis)

What to Look For In Changing or New Moles…..

1. Changing/Enlarging Mole
2. Bleeding
3. Itching
4. Scabbing/Scaling
5. Irregular Borders
6. Various Colors Within the Same Mole


Here Are the Official ABCDEs of Melanoma

B-Irregular Borders
C-Color Change….Uneven Distribution of Color
D-Diameter….greater than 6 mm
E-Evolution of Your Mole


MELANOMA5                                MELANOMA17


How to Distinguish the Different Types of Skin Cancer?


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Skin Cancers Can Have All, Some or None of the Characteristics Below…..


Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC):


1. Flesh Color
2. Shiny
3. Sometimes looks like a nodule….round, dome-shape
4. Blood Vessels along the top/dome…..Telangiectasia
5. Often….Bleeds Easily, Repeatedly….with Minimal or No Trauma
6. Dry/Scaly


Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC):



1. Dry/Scaly
2. Ulcers
3. Often….Bleeds Easily, Repeatedly….with Minimal or No Trauma



Melanoma (Malignant Melanoma) :


1. Irregular Borders
2. Various Colors
3. Enlarging/Changing Over Time
4. Bleeds


What Can You Do To Detect Skin Cancer Early???


1. Schedule/Make Time to Peform Monthly Self Skin Checks.
Fully Naked.
Use a Mirror to Inspect Hard to View Surfaces.
Recruit a Spouse or Someone Else Who You Trust and is Reliable to Help
You Check.

2. If You Have a History of Skin Cancer, or are at Higher Risk, Ask Your Doctor How Often You Should Be Seen for a Skin Evaluation.



Can You Prevent Skin Cancer?


The Majority of Skin Cancers Are Caused By SUN EXPOSURE (UVA and UVB)

1. SPF 30 or Greater…..SUN or Clouds…..UV Exposure is the Same!!!!
3. Re-Apply Sunscreen Every 1-2 hours When Outdoors
4. No Sun-Bathing
5. Wear Long-Sleeves and Wide-Brim Hat When Doing Yardwork….Golfing….Sailing….Fishing…..Playing Sports……Long Drives with Your Arm Out the Window (HELLO TRUCK DRIVERS!!!!!)








How Do You Treat Skin Cancer??

Depends on the Type, Extent and Size of The Cancer, as well as the General Health of the Person Diagnosed.


Treatment for Skin Cancer Can Include:


1. Topical Chemotherapy (Ex. 5FU….5 Fluorouracil…..Treat SCC and SCC In Situ)

2. Surgical Excision (Cutting the Cancer Out, Followed By Closing the Skin with Sutures or Reconstruction, if needed (Skin Graft or Taking Local or Far Away Tissue to Close the Defect)

3. Possible Removal of Lymph Nodes if the Cancer Has Spread.

4. Immunotherapy….Monoclonal Antibodies…..for Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma (cancer has spread to distant organs)



How Do You Protect Your Skin and Your Life???



2. SPF 30 or Greater……Daily……Rain or Shine
3. Wide Brim Hat When Outdoors….Sports….Yard…Driving….Walking….Working


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*** As Always, Speak to Your Primary Physician, or other Healthcare Provider (HCP), If You Have a Mole/Lesion of Concern or You Need Assistance of Any Kind*****


Please SHARE This Critical Information and Stay Protected!!!!!


As Always,


Take Care. Be Well. Be Safe.


Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D., FACS
CEO & Founder
Chicks With MDs, LLC





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