When you walk into a classroom, place of worship, work, supermarket or any other place where human beings roam…..75%…. up to 3 of every 4 people likely have this disease.


HPV…..Human Papillomavirus





  1. In Many Cases……This is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)


  1. There is no cure.


  1. Treatment is available.


  1. Prevention Is Key!!!!


  1. 100 strains (types) of this Virus Exist.



‘Survivor’s Remorse’ (Executive Produced by Lebron James, co-starring Tichina Arnold and Mike Epps) beautifully addresses this condition, and its effect on our lives, in a recent episode.


This is another comedy-drama often overlooked by many citizens and media, although it addresses the reality of our conditions (In this case maturing and living as a young person and family in the NBA).


The series tackles many vital and important issues. Infusing comedy, wit, ethics and discussion of common dilemmas…..including today’s crucial and life-changing topic.



So What About This Condition Do We All Need To Know??


Does Everyone Have Symptoms or Signs After They Have Been Infected?   No.


What Are Some Of The Clinical (Visible) Presentations of This Virus??


  1. Genital Warts
    1. Transmitted by skin-to-skin contact
    2. Oral, Anal or Vaginal Contact
    3. HPV 6 and 11
    4. Can infect, and be infected, even when no warts are visible!
  2. Hand (Palmar) and Foot (Plantar) Warts (60 Types)
    1. Spread person to person via direct contact, or indirect, via surfaces (Ex.shower shoes/ playground equipment)
  3. Cervical Cancer……HPV 16 and 18
  4. Vulvar Cancer (Female Genitals)
  5. Cancer of The Vagina
  6. Cancer of The Anus
  7. Cancer of The Penis


How Is It Transmitted??



  1. Sexual Contact…….Oral……Anal…….Vaginal……….40 Types
    1. HPV can infect skin not normally covered by a condom, so using a condom does not fully protect someone from the virus*****


*****If you are diagnosed, your doctor/HCP will let you know what type of HPV you have contracted, and what additional conditions you are at risk of developing in the future.


What are the High Risk Types??




Why are these types high risk?


Because they may result in you developing certain types of cancer later on in life.



What are the Low Risk Types That Cause Genital Warts??


6….11…..These types rarely cause cancer


What Can We Do??


Reduce Your Risk…….Avoid/Abstain From Sex…….Limit Sexual Partners…..Choose Wisely When Meeting People (the more partners they have, or have had, the higher risk there is in contracting and transmitting the virus to a new partner)


Also, Remember……Many People Are Infected and Are Completely Unaware…..







Where Can You Get Help??


  1. Your Primary Healthcare Provider (HCP).
    1. Physical Exam and STD screening
    2. Follow up with HCP, as directed, to be evaluated for any changes in your Pap Smear (for women), or physical exam, that may be suspicious for cancer.




3.   HPV Vaccine…..Helps protect against 4 types of HPV that cause             the majority of vulvar/cervical/vaginal/anal cancers and 90% of             genital warts

    1. Three injections over 3 months
    2. Strains/Types 6, 11, 16 and 18
    3. Recommended for Females and Males, age 9 through 26
    4. Does not treat cancer or genital warts
    5. HPVINFO.COM for additional information
    6. Speak to your healthcare provider to find out if you are a candidate for this vaccine


***I know there are concerns regarding the potential for severe adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine***

Below is the current information from a Danish study. I will also list the potential side effects currently listed by the CDC.

Once again, please be sure to speak with your Health Care Provider, regarding whether or not you or your loved one is a candidate and what to expect with the vaccination.
**********Please Note, that although extremely rare, any and all vaccines have the risk of a Severe Anaphylactic (allergic) Reaction……meaning, difficulty breathing, skin rash, nausea/vomiting and/or death********
Current HPV Vaccines Available With Reported Side Effects:

Gardasil………Gardasil 9……..Cervarix
a. Pain and Redness at Injection Site
b. Dizziness
c. Fainting
d. Nausea
e. Headache
f. Fever
g. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)
Rapid Heart Rate/Dizziness/Fainting, when going from laying
down to standing upright.
POTS has not been acknowledged or accepted by the CDC, FDA or
Drug Companies as being directly caused by the Vaccine.
See article below for additional, up to date, information from

******There are also ‘class action’ lawsuits currently filed with U.S. and International Courts, regarding Autoimmune and Neurological (Stroke, Seizures, MS-like Symptoms and Paralysis) Complications that are suspected to have been caused by the Gardasil HPV Vaccines*********

I will keep this site updated on any new reports regarding HPV, or any other vaccination, as information becomes available.




2.  National Cervical Cancer Coalition WWW.NCCC-ONLINE.ORG



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As always, if you have additional information to share, or questions, please leave a comment.


Please take care and stay protected.


Honor yourself and your partner by being safe.


Take care.

Be well.

Be safe.


Lisa Whitty Bradley, M.D., FACS

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