Good Evening, Family.

This is a fundraiser started by Kim Trent.

There is a crisis in Detroit, and nation-wide, regarding the back-log of rape kits that go un-tested following RAPE and other sex-related crimes.

This lack of testing prevents further investigation and prosecution of criminals, leaving survivors of rape at risk- physically, psychologically and emotionally.  Not to mention keeping sexual predators on the street that puts all other citizens in jeopardy.

Over five years ago, there were more than 11,000 unopened, un-tested rape kits.

ENOUGH Said (Enough Sexual Assault in Detroit) was formed to raise money for the testing of the kits.

Each kit costs $490 to process, thus the title, African American 490 Challenge.

Please take a look at the attached web address.

Any donation goes to the testing of these kits and likely to further investigation and prosecution of these criminals.

Please pass this critical information on to every and anyone you know.

Bravo to Kim Trent for starting this fundraiser.

Thank you to Marilyn Mayberry, Real Estate Today, LLC, for sharing this critical information.

As always,

Take care.

Be well.

Be safe.

Lisa A. Whitty, M.D., FACS

Chicks With MDs, LLC