**Transmitted By Contact With:

  • Infected Blood Or Sexual Fluids
  • Unprotected Sex
  • IV Drug Abuse
  • Health Care Exposure

U.S. Statistics:

  • 1.2 MILLION Living With HIV/AIDS
  • 168,000 (14%) Are Unaware of Their Diagnosis
  • 2012-48,000 New Cases
  • Black Population:
    • *12% Total U.S. Population
    • *44% New HIV Cases
    • *43% People Living With HIV
    • *48% Deaths Of People With HIV/AIDS

What Can We Do?

Get Educated:

Get Tested:

CALL 1-800-CDC-INFO (232-4636) or text your zip code to KNOWIT (566948)

Get Protected:

  • Limit Sexual Partners
  • Use condoms
  • PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis. Taken Within 3 Days of HIV Exposure To Reduce The Risk Of Contracting The Virus)

Get Treated:

  • Reduces Level Of Virus
  • Reduces The Risk Of Transmitting The Virus To Someone Else
  • Reduces The Risk of Transmitting The Virus To Your Unborn Child

Get Involved: